The Five Best YouTube Videos of the Week!

I realize that I’m a video junkie who often holds visitors hostage with my incessant video recommendations.  However, I realized a better (and less annoying) way might be to take a weeks worth of videos, and post them here every Saturday.  Sound like a good idea?  Let me know in the comments section.

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Meanwhile, here’s the best videos of late February 2011:

1. Baby Destroys Hotel Bar – This one was sent to me my my brother, Ryan, and I must say I haven’t laughed this hard in a while.  A filmmaker took his one year-old daughter, and made a short film called Las Palmas… and this is the trailer for the film:

2. Geese Running Down the Road – This one was sent to be by my brother-in-law (Bob), and features a surreal sight. At first I thought these birds were computer generated… but now I think it was just an amazing moment caught on tape:

3. Cat Gives Thumbs-Up – Another strange moment with an animal caught on tape. This cat is a leather jacket away from starring in the “Happy Days” meets “Cats” musical:

4. Old Men with Lightsabers – This one was recommended by my brother, although I’d already seen it earlier in the week. My goodness it’s easy to turn any stick into a lightsaber, huh?

5. Epic VFX Time! – If you’ve never seen videos by Freddy W. or the Epic Meal Time guys – please check them out HERE and HERE. But this video is how they got together to make some Epic Visual Effects! Too cool!:

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