Just watched “Winnebago Man”

My good friend Max Koch brought over the documentary “Winnebago Man”, which chronicles the search and subsequent interviews with Jack Rebney, the so-called “Angriest Man in the World.”  If you haven’t seen Jack’s infamous YouTube clip yet, maybe we should start here:

Jack made this sales tape for Winnebago in 1989, which also produced these glorious outtakes. These clips of Jack swearing, sweating, and swatting flies were passed around on bootleg VHS tapes for years… and were a natural for YouTube when it came along – where it became an instant sensation. But although his popularity was huge, Jack was nowhere to be found. It seems that almost 20 years earlier, after getting fired from Winnebago when the blooper footage was leaked, Jack disappeared from sight – which is where the documentary starts.

Now I won’t ruin the movie for you, but it is one of those rare documentaries that not only takes you somewhere you didn’t expect, but also does it in a way that is most entertaining and satisfying.
If you have Netflix… this one is definitley “queue-worthy”.

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